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Immunisation / Vaccination

  • Tetanus – Tetanus or ‘lock jaw’ is preventable. If you have never had a tetanus vaccination then you will need a course of three injections. A booster will be required at 10 year intervals. If you contract tetanus prone wound see the doctor or nurse as soon as possible regarding vaccinations.
  • Hepatitis B – Hepatitis B vaccinations required by certain people working in certain professions e.g. Public sector – Police Private Sector – Nursing home staff. Make an appointment to see the practice nurse. Booster injections are required at specific intervals but a blood test for antibody status will be required prior to the offer of re-vaccination.
  • Pneumococcal – Pneumonia can be a very debilitating and life threatening illness. Certain patients such as the elderly and those whose immune system is compromised are more susceptible. Unfortunately there are so many different strains of pneumonia there is no 100% guarantee that you may not contract the infection in the future but by at least receiving this immunisation you are at least giving yourself some protection and it lessens the symptoms. The vaccination is a one off injection.
  • Shingles – One in 4 adults could develop shingles in their lifetime. The immune system weakens with age and so the chance of developing shingles increases as we get older. It is most common and tends to be more severe in people aged over 70 years. Patients are being called in age group cohorts given to us by the Department of Health so if you receive your letter please do your upmost to attend.