Dr Obonna's Surgery

Southwick Health Centre, The Green, Sunderland, SR5 2LT

New Patient Info

As from 1st April 2004 the practice list is open. We are happy to accept new patients living within the practice boundary (see Practice area Page for more info). For patients living beyond the practice boundary they will need to initially complete an application which will be discussed and we will inform you of our decision in writing.

  • Questionnaire – Once your new application has been accepted you will be required to complete a new patient questionnaire although complex will help us gather as much information as possible before your new patient medical with the practice nurse. The nurse will be able to use the information to help her perform your medical. This information is also useful to the GP whilst he waits for your full medical record to arrive from your previous GP. It also enables reception staff to plan for your future health care e.g. immunisations, smears etc.You will then be given an appointment to be seen by the GP who will then be able to tell you if he accepts your registration request.
  • Proof of identity will be required such as a recent utility bill in your name (eg gas, electric, telephone, rent book, mortgage agreement), a mobile phone bill is not acceptable or a photo ID giving name and address details (eg current driving licence).
  • Medical – Within 28 days of registering with the practice you will need to attend a full medical examination with the practice nurse. Your questionnaire will be gone over in detail. The nurse may require some tests to be completed dependant on your medical history. Please bring with you to your appointment a specimen of urine.