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Cervical Cytologies

Cancer of the cervix can be prevented and all female patients aged between 25-65 years irrespective of lifestyle are advised to have regular smear tests at intervals or three to five years years. These tests are important because they can detect early signs of the disease which are easily treated, We operate a re-call system for your convenience.

Some woman are recalled at 3, 6 or 12 months due to a result but it does not necessarily mean that there is anything seriously wrong but that a sample needs to be checked.

The practice nurse will complete your smear test as well as completing a brief well women assessment. Results are usually available after 6 weeks and negative results will require no action. Occasionally women who have had a hysterectomy may still require a follow up smear. This is dependent on the reason for your hysterectomy and is also a routine follow up examination.

If you do not wish your smear to be carried out you may be requested to sign a disclaimer. This disclaimer will act as a stopper to calls / recalls for a period of 5 years. A disclaimer means that despite the best of advice either from Gp or nurse to take up the offer of an appointment you have declined the invite to a screening test which can detect early changes in cells which can lead to cancer of the cervix and by failing to have the test may put your health at risk.