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Patient Participation Group

We currently have a small Patient Participation Group. Our members are very proactive in helping us to improve the practice. The group meets both face to face and via a virtual discussion group.

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The aim of the group is to help the practice to respond to the needs and wishes of patients and agree expectations of both patients and clinicians.

  • Work to improve communication between the practice and its patients.
  • Help in urging patients to take responsibility for their own health.
  • Be instrumental in building a relationship between the practice and patients that breaks down barriers and shares information.
  • Provide practical support and help to implement changes.
  • Offer to the practice the time, experience and expertise of volunteers.
  • Become involved in the wider network of city-wide Patient Participation Groups.
  • Conduct surveys of patient opinions from time to time.

The group urgently needs more volunteer members in order to more widely represent the views of all patients in the practice. Contact our practice Manager Christina Rayner to join the group. If you are not able to physically come to the surgery you can still join in the virtual group if you are happy to share your email address

Patient Participation Group

We are encouraging patients to give their views about how the practice is doing. We would like to be able to find out the opinions of as many patients as possible and are asking if people would like to provide their email addresses so we can contact you by email every now and again to ask you a question or two on specific topics.

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If you could complete and return this quick form (or provide your details over the phone to me) we will add your email address to a contact list.

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Christina Rayner
Practice Manager

Minutes of the PPG Meeting held on 1st August 2016
In attendance:
 M M
 K J
 E S
 S D
 Christina Rayner
Apologies received:
S M – holiday
Angela Smith – holiday
Christina gave the group a progress report on the recent CQC inspection held on 12th July 2016 and also the actions taken to date on comments made on the day.
  • The CQC inspector had requested a protocol for faxes received with patient identifiable data and how to protect patient confidentiality – done
  • Clarification of practice opening times was sought – done
  • A comment card left could not be actioned by inspection team as not enough detail so practice were asked to investigate further
  • Clarification sought as to how much support we had received from the Business Manager from the CCG – 32 hours from January – April and is completed.
As a group we discussed the inspection day itself and those that were present felt that the results appear positive. Christina however is being cautious and feels that the practice will hopefully achieve ‘Requires Improvement’ which means there will be a further visit in 6 months. She does not feel we will take a leap from ‘Inadequate’ to ‘Good’.
Christina pointed at some things the inspector felt had not been achieved satisfactorily.
  • Response to complaint – reply correct, points covered and explained but filed in patient record
  • Clinical audits – felt to be more medicine management than to improve patient outcomes
  • Two reception staff not up to date with Child Protection training
    Christina fed back on some other surgery reports which can be obtained from the CQC website. She was particularly interested to read the report of Dr Cloak’s practice to see how they faired in comparison to us and also Balham Park Surgery – practice televised on ‘GPs Behind Closed Doors’
    Christina had received a very complimentary email from Kelly Wilson, Health Watch following her recent visit to the group. She also had sent a copy of the Healthwatch report for March 2016 which Christina agreed to copy for the group. Kelly encourages that we publish the minutes of meetings on the website.
  • K is to encourage her friend P R to attend the group
P explained the results of the patient survey so far to date. We do not have enough volunteers at the moment to make the survey effective. To date we have responses from 29 patients but we need 80 to make it scientifically correct. S volunteered for 9/8/16 with the aid of M.
So far the under 40 year old females appear to want a female GP. Patients particularly like the appointment and the fact that you only have to wait a couple of days although two patients who gave negative comments which were:
  1. One who waited 3 days for appointment
  2. One who waited a week for appointment
Christina was interested to know how that was possible because appointments were always available and if the need was urgent that they could be seen same day. Christina did wonder if the second patient had asked for a particular day and time and the GP may not have been available at that time.
P feels there is a different response to patients attending for a happy event such as baby clinic and those attending for medically necessary appointment.
We need to try and recruit some females under 40’s to the PPG.
P has asked if its possible to her a demographic picture of practice population aged 20 years – 40 years broken down by female/male ratio.
Flu season might be an ideal time to get a large number of responses to survey but will need 2-3 persons to conduct this as appointments are at 2-minute intervals. Flu clinics are 3rd– 6th October and 31st October – 4th November.
Christina would like the group to consider a survey regarding GP.
E.g.  Listening
 Enough Time
 Explaining Tests
Christina agreed to put a notice in the waiting room advertising the date and time of the next meeting hoping to encourage a bigger attendance and to put the minutes of this meeting and the date of the next onto the website.
SCR – Summary Care Records. Christina briefly touched on this subject of Information Sharing as it could save lives. SCCG suggest to watch You Tube – Healthy Liverpool
Date and time next meeting Monday 5th September at 10am
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